About Us

About Vitto Baskets

We believe that everyone should be able to eat locally with convenience.

Local organic food has a significantly higher vitamin and mineral concentration than your average grocery store produce. Direct farm to table foods also have a higher flavor concentration, making local produce not only much healthier, but also considerably more flavorful. Eating local food prevents large scale corporate grocery stores from emitting truck loads of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere with every delivery. This is why it is so devastating that a large percent of local farms are struggling to survive after the world wide pandemic. Here at Vitto Baskets we deliver a weekly basket of fresh produce straight from your favorite local farm directly to your table, providing you and your family with the sustainable foods you need. In addition, Vitto Baskets can help you fight climate change with our biodegradable packaging and low emission delivery.

Meet Our Founders

Vitto Baskets Team

Elianna Huang


Hunter Habersaat


Luna Wang


Akeil Smith