Frequently Asked Questions

When will Vitto Baskets be fully available for order?

As of now we don’t have any definitive date on when we will be able to ship our products but we can assure you we’re working every day to expedite the process. We’re aiming for a first delivery date of July 31 or August 6, though neither of these dates are confirmed. The date we can first ship our products is dependent on when our network of farms are able to supply us with produce, hence the delay. We thank you for your patience in this.

Where do you ship to?

Soon, there will be an interactive map available on the website on which you can see whether you’re within our shipping range or not. As of now, we’re only shipping to homes in the Northern Virginia area, specifically Loudoun County, though we soon hope to be able to ship to more areas. If you’re unsure whether or not we can ship to you, feel free to send us an email!

What fruits and vegetables do we offer?

As we finalize our connections with farms we will post an official list with every basket. We expect to deliver 7-9 different types of fruits and vegetables with each basket.

Do you offer different sizes?

We do not currently offer different sizes of our Vitto Baskets though we hope to in the near future. Down the line we hope to offer a small, medium, and large version of our offering. Stay tuned for when it releases!

What is your refund policy?

If your Vitto Basket was damaged upon arrival or didn’t live up to its expectations, we will offer refunds at our own discretion. Keep in mind as a small company, refunds do hurt us. If a situation does occur we will do our best to rectify it in any way we can.

Where are the founders from?

Vitto Baskets was founded as a part of the MIT LaunchX Program for Entrepreneurship. The program brings together entrepreneurs from all around the world. We have one founder from Northern Virginia, one from Maryland, one from Oklahoma, and one from the Bahamas! If you’d like to read more about us, check us out on the Our Team page.